A Tale of Two Brothers


The Pearce brothers have been adventuring together since they were kids on the West coast, where they designed, built and broke go-carts and tree forts. Often challenging physical and social limits, the dauntless duo’s more recent exploits include backcountry ski-packing in Northern Québec, pole dancing in Western China and a unique Montreal activity known as “bareoke.” Having been through all that, the idea of doing a product design startup together seemed almost easy...


Rewind. Marc Pearce trained in industrial design in Montreal, Birmingham and Milan, and has spent the past a decade and a half designing furniture, water parks, toys and lighting before embarking on the Stage Left journey. Ever ambitious, Marc also enjoys ridiculously difficult home renovation projects, marathon running, and playing super dad.


His brother Patrick Pearce is sometimes recognized for his dancing abilities. Other times not. Having worked across a few continents as a strategic planner, copywriter, filmmaker and acting coach, Patrick has come to thrive on adversity and diversity alike. His current activities include brand and design strategy, writing, product and furniture design, as well as cocktail-mixing.


The idea of Stage Left is to create artful, witty and functional objects and accessories that insert thoughtful twists and kinks into our daily stories. And also an opportunity for us to share ideas and have some fun along the way.