The PolyAmor Collection: Putting Feeling Back Into Your Space

As our video suggests, the idea of PolyAmor collection is to bring some love to the all-too-neglected bathroom. Comprised of a towel rail, a toilet paper holder, a wall hook and a toothbrush holder, the collection is inspired by our affection for polygon forms. It also takes cues from cubism, origami, and our animal friends, whom we don't seem to encounter often enough.

We spent hundreds of hours on concepts, drawings and models to arrive at the right balance of playfulness, conceptual quality and high functionality.

After the cardboard models, we transfered our ideas into 3D for refinement.

The PolyAmor collection will be made in Montreal, Canada from stainless steel and proposed in a range of powder coated color finishes, as well as electroplated shiny new copper.

The multiplicity of bends in our products require the skillful hands of craftspeople to pull off. Stainless steel welding is an artform in itself.

The pieces can also be enjoyed simply as sculptural objects. Indeed, their sculptural and artful qualities give pause for thought as we go about our little daily stories.